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The reviews are coming for Woody Allen’s “Coup de Chance” and they are raves. Mostly.

Variety, The Wrap, UK papers like The Guardian and The Telegraph are all — very rightly so — calling it Woody’s best movie in years. They’re right, too. It’s a tight 90 minute murder mystery with a surprise ending that will blow you away. There are also phenomenal performances.

As Woody and wife Soon Yi arrived in the theater, the place erupted in a standing ovation.

The only thumbs down are coming from female critics who aren’t even reviewing the movie.

Glenn Kenny of the New York Times already Tweeted his rave for “Coup de Chance.” He wrote: “Coup de Chance” is NOT “Match Point” redux. It’s framed in a substantially different way. And it’s universes better. Those are TWO points of dissimilarity.

“Coup de Chance” already has international distributors and a French release date.N Now an American distributor with cojones is going to have take this on and buck the tide of misplaced anger toward Woody Allen over something that never happened but has grown into a game of telephone. The people repeating it on social media are as dumb as the Trump supporters.

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