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Donald Trump is scared.

On social media he’s either waving the white flag of surrender or someone has taken his phone away from him.

Either way, Trump’s posts on his Truth Social in the last few days have slowly diminished to rants about Joe Biden or MAGA declarations that voters would be better off with him as president. Yesterday he praised Hungarian authoritarian Viktor Orban despite the fact that Orban is racist, anti-Semite, and basically, a dictator.

Gone are the attacks calling Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special US Prosecutor Jack Smith “deranged.” On Thursday, Trump waived arraignment and pleaded guilty in the Georgia case. He won’t appear on September 6th in Atlanta. (Rudy Giuliani, fresh from forfeiting his libel case in Georgia, did the same thing.)


Trump’s lawyers have obviously convinced him that the constant attacks on the people prosecuting him in his four cases will not do well for him once the trials begin. Trump did attack New York AG Letitia James this week, but it was toothless and not nearly up to his ad hominem rants of the past.

The surrender — no matter how temporary — comes as Truth Social itself may be on the brink of shutting down. The financing, according to reports, is imploding. This could send the orange man back to Twitter, where he will only cause unhappiness.

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