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The reviews are coming in for Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein biopic and they are raves.

“Maestro” is being applauded by all the major review outlets from what I call PenskeWorld –Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, Deadline.com. Vanity Fair and the UK reviews are all glowing.

“Maestro” is Netflix’s big Oscar movie for this fall. They’ll debut it on October 2nd at David Geffen Hall in New York, formerly Avery Fisher Hall, where the Philharmonic plays. The Hall will be turned into a state of the art screening room. At least two parties — one for the paying public and one for the Lincoln Center donors — are planned.

The big question is, if the strikes aren’t over, will anyone other than Cooper attend?

Some reviews are so enthusiastic they say that for actor Cooper his second directing venture is even better than Cooper’s much awarded hit, “A Star is Born.” David Rooney writes in THR: “It’s intended as no slight to Cooper’s A Star is Born remake, his impressive first turn in the director’s chair, to say his follow-up is a considerable leap in terms of accomplishment.”

And, yes, the prosthetic nose is not a problem says Variety’s Owen Glieberman. Let’s move on. Sounds like we have another Best Picture nominee after Killers of the Flower Moon, Oppenheimer, AIR, maybe Barbie.

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