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Honestly, I don’t get this.

Donald Trump has declared victory in Georgia.

This, despite facing arraignment in Atlanta on September 6 after his arrest and indictment on election interference charges. There are four felony counts against him.

Trump and 17 other co-defendants — some of whose lives he’s destroyed — will be arraigned together.

Nevertheless, he writes on social media: “Big win in Georgia for President Trump! Georgia, which is absolutely a Republican State, is showing up BIG. They demand accountability, and demand it now. So sad what has happened to one of the greatest places on Earth—But we will win in 2024, Georgia will lead the way, and we will Make America Great Again!”

He calls himself President Trump. He lost the 2020 election and is not president. Joe Biden is President of the United States. That is, in the real world.

Are his people stupid enough and gullible enough to believe that he’s had a Big Win? Is Trump demented? He calls Georgia a Republican state, also. They have two Democratic US Senators.

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