Home business Broadway: Lea Michelle Misses Yet Another “Funny Girl” Performance Just Days Before...

Lea Michelle doesn’t mind raining on the parade of her fans.

Less than a week before “Funny Girl” closes, Michelle is out of the show tonight. She’s “under the weather,” her usual excuse. Except, of the course the weather is pretty good right now.

In the year of Michelle’s run as Fanny Brice, she’s missed dozens of performances despite already having Thursday nights off. Julie Benko, the busiest understudy in history, will fill in tonight. She already does Thursdays and filled in dozens more times when Beanie Feldstein was playing Fanny Brice.

“Funny Girl” made $2.1 million last week — the highest in its year long history — based on fans rushing in to see Lea Michelle at the last minute. What a drag if she’s out during the final week.

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