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On social media, Donald Trump keeps attacking Fox News. He’s mocking them for “low ratings” for the GOP presidential debate. The total number was 12.8 million, which was pretty high for a regular debate and one that didn’t feature him as a potential villain.

Trump warns Fox News unless they start warming up to him, their “forever Golden Goose will be forever gone”!

Trump is also claiming that “everyone” was watching his interview with Tucker Carlson on Twitter X. The reality is that Trump was crowing about 300 million views. The actual number never rose about 260,000, but those were just people sampling and leaving the ridiculous encounter.

The Carlson Trump interview never achieved 1 million “likes.” The number was 829,000. That’s a fraction of the Fox number. LIke his weight and golf score, these are numbers Trump can’t seem to process in his tiny head.

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