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Today is $4 day at movie theaters. Buy the tickets in person — I made the mistake of buying mine from Fandango, which charged $3.83 in fees. LOL. Just go to the theater, where there is no fee.

The weekend take for “Oppenheimer” brought it to just over $300 million — an amazing mark for a three hour talky epic that has no CGI. It’s mostly men discussing how to build a bomb that could destroy the world. Knockout performances and keen directing keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Barbie” will hit $600 million US tomorrow or Tuesday. It fell short this weekend at $594 million. It also finished second to “Gran Turismo,” which raced to number 1 with gaming fans.

The new kid on the block is Helen Mirren in “Golda,” an indie from Bleecker Street. Mirren will get an Oscar nomination for playing legendary Israeli prime minister Golda Meir. The movie made $1.8 million this weekend, and it’s just getting started. Let’s ee “Golda” in the mix at the Gotham Awards and even the Spirit Awards.

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