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This is a plot twist no one saw coming.

In the last two weeks, unknown singer Oliver Anthony has placed 14 songs on iTunes and become an overnight sensation. His song, “Rich Men North of Richmond” is number 1. He’s become the (sorta) Bob Dylan of the summer of 2023.

The Republicans were so gassed up they used his song for the Fox News debate. Everyone assumed Oliver was a redneck right wing Republican. Turns out, he’s not.

Last night he posted a video and several messages to social media explaining that the people he’s singing about “are the ones up on that stage” — and that the “rich men” — are all politicians. He’s not a Biden supporter but he’s not endorsing the Republican squad of lunatics. Whatever else he believes or stands for is still up in the air. But he did say he turned down a big record contract to stay independent.

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