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So who watched the glorious spectacle of Donald Trump being arrested?

On cable news, the winning network was MSNBC. Rachel Maddow led her team to victory starting at 7pm.

But MSNBC lost the key demo to CNN, of all things even though they finished last in prime time viewers.

MSNBC had 2.8 million total prime time viewers to Fox News’s 2.6 million. CNN scored 1.6 million.

But CNN’s victory was in younger viewers. In the 25-49 range, they beat Fox and tied CNN. That’s a flicker of hope.

MSNBC solidly won the 7pm and 8pm hours with Maddow running the show. Fox couldn’t keep up with them. At 9pm, Alex Wagner and Sean Hannity were neck and neck. At 10pm, Lawrence O’Donnell’s erudite commentary was too much for Greg Gutfeld.

Earlier, Ari Melber and Nicolle Wallace led MSNBC to victory over Fox News.

As MSNBC heads into the arraignments, trials, etc they have the advantage over Fox because their viewers are smarter and want the actual news. Last night Fox was busy talking about Hunter Biden while the first ex US President history had his mug shot taken. They’re in a fantasy land.

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