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My gosh. Today would have been Regis Philbin’s 92nd birthday. Kathie Lee Gifford has put up a lovely tribute to him on Twitter.

I think about Regis all the time. He and his wife Joy were a big part of our New York social lives. He was always so funny and ingratiating. He wanted to know what was going on in my life. He was a very unaffected celebrity which was amazing considering he’d hung with the Rat Pack. But Joey Bishop didn’t treat him well, and I think Regis remembered that when he himself finally became a Big Deal. I think Joy only helped him make him even warmer as a human, and even when he left his show he remained an imp, with a twinkle in his eye. He used to say, “I’m only one man!” It’s a line I say to myself every day in his memory.

PS All the success of his “Live” show now with Kelly and Mark is attributed to Regis. He invented the show, and the talk intro with two hosts. Every show like “Access Hollywood” or “Extra” — any of them — should bow down to him. There was only one Regis Philbin.

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