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The biggest book release for the fall will be Barbra Streisand’s hotly anticipated memoir.

“My Name is Barbra” comes November 7th from PenguinRandometc and you know the two weeks leading up to that drop will be full of leaked items and interviews and so on. “60 Minutes” has to be working on a piece. People mag? Front page, fuhgeddaboutit!

When the book was announced in February, Penguin said it was going to be a stunning 1,040 pages. Maybe that included photos and an index in the back so everyone could look up their names. Don Johnson, Andre Agassi, Jon Peters, and Elliott Gould had their assistants ready to go!

But now Amazon and Barnes & Noble list “My Name is Barbra” at only 992 pages! Much lighter to carry around! That’s 48 fewer pages. Was the index cut? Did legal vetting cause a condensation? What was in those missing pages? We may never know!

“My Name Is Barbra” will on Amazon for $35, by the way. The list price is a whopping $47. Penguinetal can’t take any chances. They just fired hundreds of legacy employees after taking a $200 million charge on their failed takeover of Simon & Schuster. “My Name is Barbra” has to be number 1 from release through Christmas, at the very least. It must be the gift book of the year!

So start saving now. But you have to think “My Name is Barbra” is going to be more than just color swatches from La Streisand’s homes, and sheet music to “Evergreen.” Streisand is a witty storyteller. And she’s got stories to tell! I can’t wait to hear about her meetings with studio heads as she was trying to get her directed-movies made, like “Yentl” and “Prince of Tides.” She was a trailblazer.

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