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Here it comes, the strike tornado.

The studios are starting to delay the openings of their big fall films – the Oscar hopefuls — because of strike restrictions regarding promotions.

If the actors can’t publicize the movies, plus there are late night shows on which they can appear — what choices do they have? (They see that Mission Impossible was definitely hurt by this.)

According to reports, Warner Bros is thinking of moving its big releases like “Dune Two” out of harm’s way. “The Color Purple,” “Aquaman 2,” and “Wonka” could join the list.

Now Matt Belloni of newsletter Puck says MGM/Amazon will move Luca Guadgnini’s “Challengers” — starring Zendaya and Josh O’Connor –away from its September 15th date. It was supposed to open the Venice Film Festival two weeks earlier. It’s not anymore.

Todd Haynes’s “May December” with Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman was supposed to open the New York Film Festival. That may be scuttled now as well.

I’m told that earlier this week no fewer than SEVENTY people were on a Zoom call from all the different film festivals including Telluride, TIFF, Venice, Hamptons, and New York plotting strategies. What will they do if no stars come? The economic ramifications are HUGE.

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