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Jason Aldean fans aren’t too bright.

They’ve sent Aldean’s racist song, “Try That in a Small Town” to the top of the iTunes singles charts. It doesn’t matter to them that the song is intended to incite violence against anyone who comes into a “small town” (meaning all white) and messes with “good ol boys.”

In their zeal to be part of this stupidity the fans have also sent an Aldean album to number 3 on iTunes. The only problem is, it’s the wrong album but has a similar title. “Rearview Town,” does not include the song. It came out in 2018 and has nothing to do with the newer more controversial screed.

Aldean has been denounced by Sheryl Crow. CMT has pulled the video, although it’s still easy to find on YouTube. Capitol Records Nashville should cut off sales of that record, but record companies exert little editorial judgement when it comes to records if they’re selling well. (Spotify and Apple should, too.) Sir Lucian Grainge has the ultimate authority over Capitol. It’s up to him to say enough is enough. But Universal Music Group did little to punish Morgan Wallen when he used the ‘n’ word in a home video. Since then he’s sold millions and millions of albums.

It’s all about money.

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