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Is there such a thing as too much Tom Cruise?

Just last year, “Top Gun Maverick” broke box office records and was credit for saving movie theaters.

Now comes “Mission Impossible 7” and the box office is…soft. The total take from Tuesday through Sunday will be $71 million, not much more than “MI 6” made in 2018 over just four days.

The expectation was for another record breaker, with Cruise doing his own stunts, and tens of millions spent on promotion with international premieres. Cruise has been everywhere, albeit saying the same thing all the time, but still, he’s been pressing the flesh like a presidential candidate.

But last night’s take was just $16.5 million, well below where a real knockout hit should be. While $71 million is nothing to sneeze at, it’s going to take international box office to make “MI 7” a smash. It also pulls into question its sequel, which is shot and ready for release next year. If the fans aren’t crazy about this one, how will they react to the follow up?

This is a surprising turn events. You’d think with the heat people would want to hit the movie theaters anyway. Plus “Dead Reckoning” has a high review score, and audience score. But maybe “Mission Impossible” is just a static audience since this is so similar to the last one.


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