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We already know Woody Allen’s excellent “Coup de Chance” is headed to the Venice Film Festival. I’ve seen it, it’s terrific, and should be a jolt to the festival.

Woody is “controversial,” of course, but whatever…let’s not get into it.

Now I’m told Venice is eyeing a new film by another controversial director, Roman Polanski.

Last year Polanski shot a new movie called “The Palace,” is Gstaad, Switzerland. The film stars legendary French actress Fanny Ardant, plus the likes of Mickey Rourke and John Cleese, of all people. Pawel Edelman is the cinematographer — he was nominated for an Oscar for Polanski’s “The Pianist,” they’ve worked together a lot. Music from Oscar winning composer Alexandre Desplat. So they’re not fooling around.

The log line: “A drama set on New Year’s Eve 1999 in a luxurious Swiss hotel where the lives of hotel workers and various guests get intertwined.”

Polanski can’t go to Italy without fear of being arrested, of course. It’s interesting that he made the film in Switzerland without any trouble. A few years ago he was detained there and couldn’t return to France or even Poland. Finally the situation was resolved but it really became an international incident.

Woody, of course, is welcome everywhere. Will he go to Venice? It’s unclear at his age if he needs all that tsuris.

“Coup de Chance” has distribution set up in other countries. I hope it gets a chance in the US. Audiences will really love it.

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