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UPDATE: So the end did come. It’s fairly obvious that HBO just dropped episode 5, filmed or not, and proceeded ahead to Episode 6, and an ending. The attitude was, rightly, let’s get rid of this thing. They skipped to the end without explanation.

Jocelyn suddenly turned against Tedros. The “c” word was uttered a few times. Really awful, miserable songs and dancing were shown. Everyone except Suzanna Son should be arrested. I guess in the end someone thought it would be a “plot twist” for Jocelyn to become Tedros’s possession, turning the tables. Clever, huh?

That’s done. We’ll see what the fall out is. Please, let’s move on.

Tonight at 9pm, “The Idol’ ends on HBO.

Cut short by a week to five episodes, “The Idol” featured X rated sex, S&N. and a lot of bad acting.

For star and producer The Weeknd, the end could not come any sooner. He’s released a bunch of music from the show, none of it selling or being played like his past hits. The audience has ignored the stuff.

The audience has also ignored the show. An average of 133,000 people have watched the last three episodes on HBO. The numbers are so bad that HBO is not giving Nielsen ratings anymore. We may not know how badly episode 5 does.

What will happen tonight? We’d all love it if someone killed Tedros, the Weeknd’s character. And if someone gave Jocelyn, the singing star, a brain and some clothes her actual size. A really funny ending would be Jennifer Lawrence wandering in naked from “No Hard Feelings.” But that won’t happen. More likely that Jocelyn’s assistant, Leia — played by Rachel Sennott — will kill Tedros and set the house on fire, leave town with millions she’s embezzled from her idiot boss.

However “The Idol” ends, HBO has rarely had a show people hated so much, and not for good reasons. A second season is not only unlikely, there may be a legislation to stop it. HBO has so many great shows, this one should just disappear. And The Weeknd? It may take a lot to repair his reputation.

PS Still the highlight of the show is Tedros mispronouncing “carte blanche” as cartay blanchay. It’s a clip that will never die.

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