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The big story at the box office are the big movies. Both “The Flash” and “Indiana Jones” are terrible disappointments.

“The Flash” is actually dead. “Indiana Jones” came in too exactly at $60 million today. It will be interesting to see if that number is a little high or low when the receipts come in tomorrow.

But it’s also tough out there for “smaller” movies. “Asteroid City” is starting to collapse. Wes Anderson’s twee of celebrities fell a sharp 58% from last week. It’s up to $18 million but a goal of $40 million is looking unlikely.

Jennifer Lawrence’s “No Hard Feelings” is also at a cross roads. The R rated comedy dropped 50% this week, and has $30 million in the bank. So Jennifer gets paid on the first dollar, but Sony may find itself pushing for big international sales soon. What will always remain is Jennifer in her birthday suit, ready for clipping from the streaming and DVD versions.

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