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Kelly Clarkson has a magnificent voice. She shows it off every day on her hit syndicated talk show. These days, Clarkson is also omni present in the media. So you’d think a new album by her would be an out of the box hit.

Alas, Kelly’s “Chemistry” had none. Total sales for the week were just 53,657 according hitsdailydouble.com. Of that, around 44,000 were downloads and CDs.

But “Chemistry” — a terrible album that has spawned no single hits — finished 5th for the week in its debut.

I’m not surprised. The songs are horrid, unlistenable except the last one with Steve Martin on banjo. The album is just a collection of diatribes about Clarkson’s divorce. They are not well written or clever. Most of them sound the same as the others.

To make things worse, Kelly’s amazing voice sounds like she’s shrieking. It’s the opposite of the powerhouse vocal performance she gives every day on her show. If only she’d just recorded great cover songs.

Again, the album has launched no hit singles. Not one. Radio can’t play this stuff, and fans don’t want it. What happened to the Kelly Clarkson of “Since U Been Gone”? If she’s smart, she’ll put together an album of songs she’s performed on her show for Christmas release.

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