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Roseanne Barr is a sick woman, a known racist who lost her TV show for that reason.

Now in a podcast she goes on antisemitic rant: “Nobody died in the Holocaust, that’s the truth. Six million Jews should die right now ’cause they cause all the problems in the world.” She adds, twice, “It never happened.”

The entire interview is antisemitic. The interviewer points out that Barr is fully Jewish, but it doesn’t matter. She’s one of the sickest people out there.

So that’s it, she was already out of show business. But now she must be ostracized from civilization. There’s no apology, no excuse. She’s deeply demented and deserves to be a social leper.

These comments begin at 2:00 but the whole interview is grotesque. People will says “off her meds” or something, but there is no excuse for these statements.

PS In another video she called Donald Trump “the first woman president of the United States.”

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