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Well, that was fast.

The much hyped duet single from “S&M” — Sam Smith and Madonna — has made the Hindenburg look like a small explosion in mid air.

“Vulgar” was released a week ago tonight. It immediately went up to the top 10 on iTunes. But in reality, it failed to launch at all. By Monday the single was languishing on the middle part of the chart.

Today, “Vulgar” is gone from the iTunes Top 200. Just, vanished. Dead on arrival.

On YouTube, there are two videos — lyric and visual. The total plays come to just over 1 million, which sounds like a lot but is actually nothing.

Over at Spotify, “Vulgar” was streamed 4 million times, which is also the equivalent of nothing. That’s the equivalent of around $12,000 in revenue. It’s also gone from Apple Music’s streaming chart.

So what went wrong? “Vulgar” wasn’t a song, It wasn’t a whole record thought out, and you could hear it. At two minutes, thirty two seconds, it was maybe the chorus or hook of what could have been a song but it had no substance. There was no ‘there’ there.

So nice try, Madonna and Sam Smith. They’ve burned their credibility. Unless, of course, they return with “Vulgar: The Long Version.” But the song wasn’t even vulgar. It was more like bulgur. (Not really but it sounded good.)

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