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You’ve got to be kidding.

Madonna, almost 65 years old, is desperate for relevance.

So she teamed up with a bloated waterbug of a contemporary pop star, Sam Smith, and together they’ve produced a short dance track that just doesn’t live up to its name.

“Vulgar” sounds like a parody of a record Madonna would make from the 90s. The record which lasts just two minutes and thirty five seconds sounds like it’s sampling itself with beats found in a flea market.

Of course, the main audience for the single is the dance floor, where camp is welcome. Otherwise, the only reason for this record is so Smith and Madonna can have a lyric video that reads “S&M.”

Will “Vulgar” be a hit? This weekend, yes. And then it will fade into the dust of all unfinished records, a sample in the middle of dance mixes of other records. Its part is bigger than its whole.

Did I mention that this brief encounter of recycled disco has no less than seven authors including the two singers? Seven! Madonna likely takes 50%. Smith 25%, and the other five split the rest. And no one can ever boast they “wrote” anything original. It’s 2023.

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