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The Writers Guild strike, now more than a month old, has given another union leverage to agree to a new contract with with the studios.

Overnight, the Directors Guild came to terms with the AMPTP on many points including artificial intelligence. Computers will not be directing movies and TV shows, at least for now.

The agreement states:

“AI is not a person and that generative AI cannot replace the duties performed by members.

The Directors Guild, as someone said when all this began in April, “always caves.” They were right. But also, the DGA was able to use the WGA situation and get a halfway decent agreement from the studios. Directors are much different than writers or actors. For one thing, you can’t direct anything if you don’t have a script. So the DGA agreement is a moot point if the studios won’t come to terms with the writers.

Will this agreement hurt the WGA strike? Probably not. This WGA looks adamant and steadfast, and soon they may joined by SAG-AFTRA.

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