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Amy Pascal can open some more Champagne.

“Spider Man: Across the Spiderverse” is a mega hit.

Total Thursday previews plus Friday opening came to $51 million. Predictions now are for a $113 million weekend. This would put the second film in the series at $78 million more than the first.

Not bad.

Sony should figure out a way to work Spider Man into all their releases!

The usual ‘this animated movie should get a Best Picture nomination’ stuff has begun. It’s like we’re in Groundhog Day. Not happening.

The rest of the box office belongs mostly to “Fast X,” the latest installment of “The Fast and the Furious.” It’s doing as well as the last one because, really, they have a core audience and that’s it

A24 bungled the Julia Louis Dreyfus movie, “You Hurt My Feelings.” It’s dead. They will have a solid opening weekend in very very extremely limited release with “Past Lives.” Looking at $200K in four theaters. Are there hot dog fingers? We’ll see.

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