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Sony has been not having a great 2023 so far.

With ten movies released, several have been out and out disasters, like the George Foreman bio and the Celine Dion thing, “Love Again.”

Even “The Machine” has needed repairs since no one knew what it was and still may not, actually.

Their “hits” include “The Pope’s Exorcist.” which has made $72 million, and “65,” which hasn’t even made $65 million.

So back to the tried and true. On Thursday night. “Spider Man: Across the Spiderverse” clocked in previews with a stunning $17 million. I told you yesterday the writing — or Peter Parker– was on the wall. “Spider Man” in all forms is a guaranteed hit.

Producer Amy Pascal used to run the studio until they forced her out during the Wikileaks nightmare. So she took Spidey and went into production for herself. It’s the best thing that ever happened to anyone. The first “Spiderverse” movie made $3.5 million in previews. “Across” looks like it took in almost FIVE times that number.

Good weekend coming? I’d say so.

PS Rain and cold tomorrow, Saturday, perfect weather for a big movie day, especially for parents looking to park kids somewhere.

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