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Madonna is looking for some kind of boost to her moribund recording career. She hasn’t had a hit in more than a decade.

So next Thursday night June 9th we’ll be waiting for her new collaboration with Sam Smith. You know Sam. He put on a Satanic show at the Grammys with Kim Petras for their single, “Unholy.” It made some people upset and others just go get snacks.

Smith is as much of an attention seeker as Madonna, so the fit is perfect. To stay in the pubic eye they (they meaning Smith, not Smith and Madonna together) have turned to clownish costumes that make him look like a parade float.

But now it makes sense, because why did Madonna turn to introduce them at the Grammys? They were obviously already working on the new song, called “Vulgar.”

Here are some snippets. I already want to turn it off. But it’s not a radio song. It’s for the clubs, where it will be played endlessly and pave the way for Madonna’s upcoming tour and maybe a new album. She turns 65 this summer, and dammit, she won’t give up trying. You have to give her that.

And yes, Smith uses they/them pronouns. That’s fine, but it makes it a little confusing to write about them as both just Smith and Madonna, and or just one of them. We need a new word to differentiate the actual plural from the new singular plural.

Madonna’s verse:

Sam’s verse:

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