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Armie Hammer is going to make a comeback. We all know that.

Accused of rape, seriously. Labelled a “cannibal” anecdotally. Few actors have such a momumental fall from grace. Think of Shia LaBeouf, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp. Before the you know what hit the fan, you’d never think of clean cut Armie Hammer in the same category of craziness and deprvity.

But Hammer lost everything all at once. The “cannibal” thing became a meme, and he was stuck with it after different women claimed he’d tried to make them a part of his menu. Then came the more serious rape charge. But yesterday he was cleared of the charges by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, which said it could not verify the claims.

Hammer lost a bunch of jobs when everything went southincluding the Jennifer Lopez comedy “Shotgun Wedding,” the Paramount+ series “The Offer,” the Broadway play “The Minutes.” His agents at WME jumped ship, as well.

Will it ever be Hammer Time again? Yes. He’s going to have do the whole People Mag thing, cover apology, find a sympathetic TV interviewer– Diane Sawyer? — show remorse and contrition like crazy, and see if he can find a decent project, small role, to shine in. It’s been done. It will cost a lot of money. But Hammer’s got it. He just has to make the right choices.

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