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I’ve had a lot of reports this morning from the New York picket line at “American Horror Story: Hamptons.”

Kim Kardashian happily thumbed her nose at the striking unionists. According to observers, she arrived in a window darkened SUV, which pulled into a private entrance.

“They people waiting for her to whisk her upstairs.” a spy says

Kardashian is not in the Writers Guild. She’s a member of SAG in all likelihood now that she’s an “actress.”

SAG members are not on strike, and aren’t prevented from working. But my spy says, “She could have arrived and acknowledged the strikers and said she was uncomfortable crossing the line.” So much for Kim, Woman of the People.

And what is the plot line for “American Horror Story Hamptons.” The horror may be at discovering the price of groceries, or facing the traffic on Route 27, in the glorious land of the rich and worry free.

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