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This has to be a first of some kind.

According to numbers I checked with Luminate, Taylor Swift has sold almost 5 million albums since January 1, 2023.

She has around 14 titles on the iTunes and Luminate top 100 albums charts. That includes 3 versions of her “Midnights” album, and all of her re-recorded “Taylor’s Version” collections of past releases.

This is all in conjunction with her monster “Eras” tour going on right now, which is so sold out even she might not be able to get tickets for under a thousand bucks.

Billy Joel did say a few years ago that Swift is the Beatles of our time. In a sales sense, he’s right.

Swift’s total number through Friday is 4.9 million. She’ll hit the 5 million mark this week. No one else comes close. Just for comparison: Adele has sold 605,000 albums so far this year. Even Morgan Wallen, who’s a big country star despite controversies, has sold just 4 million.

This chapter of pop music history is all about Taylor Swift. Brav-oh.

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