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Wrapping up the weekend box office.

Robert Rodriguez’s “Hypnotic” was really a bust. Released by Ketchup Entertainment, it never made it out of the bottle. Today, “Hypnotic” goes to streaming platforms after a short, sad run. Total take was $4.7 million. Funny how this stuff works. Star Ben Affleck has had such a big hit with “AIR,” which will be going to the Oscars. But “Hypnotic” failed to hypnotize anyone…

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” made $117 from last Thursday through yesterday, which sounds pretty good. But it fell short of a hope for $120 million and was kind of less than celebratory in its debut. Maybe “Mermaid” will have fins and keep swimming as school gets out.

A24 managed to botch Julia Louis Dreyfus in “You Hurt My Feelings,” a terrific little film made by Nicole Holofcener. I guess they weren’t used to a regular, understandable movie told in one universe. Well, with their connections, “You Hurt My Feelings” will at least get on the NBR’s Indie film list. That’s something.

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