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Lana del Rey is finally having a moment.

A decade after her one and only actual hit, she’s got a big one with Taylor Swift and another one brewing out of the blue.

In 2013, Lana’s “Young and Beautiful” made the top 10 and continues to be a streaming favorite.

Her subsequent albums, each one considered “brilliant” or “genius,” have done well. But the so-called singles have not been hits like those of other contemporary stars. Del Ray — whose real name is Elizabeth Grant — makes ethereal music with insightful lyrics and complicated melodies. Her hooks are not top 40, but they are memorable. The cool kids get her.

But now, thanks to the Taylor Swift Machine, Lana has a huge hit with “Snow on the Beach.” Swift released the collaboration on her “Midnights” album but with del Rey’s vocals minimized. Now a revised version is out with “More Lana Del Rey” and it’s risen to the top of the iTunes singles chart. The song sounds more like a Lana Del Rey song than a Taylor Swift hit (she has plenty– I really like the new “Hits Different” a lot). But the combo works very well.

Del Rey’s other hit coming is already a smash in Britain. “Say Yes to Heaven” was an outcast from several of her albums. It just never made the cut. Recorded in 2013, the track just drifted around. It was a real cult song, with a rumored 100 mixes by different people who’d loved it. Now the original version has risen from the ashes. It’s on top in the UK and should be here soon, as well.

It’s time for someone to take Lana in hand and put together a Best of collection. Strike while the iron is hot!

And hey, radio: get these records spinning!

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