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Even the worst pop album to debut at number 3 on the charts would still be in the top 50 for a second week.

But The Jonas Brothers’ “The Album” went from 3 last week to off the top 50 on iTunes and the top 100 on amazon. It’s just gone.

On Amazon.com it’s number 116. It’s not just dead, it’s most seriously dead. Luminate indicates maybe sales of 23,000 last week, about 50% off from the debut week. The current iTunes top 200 has “The Album” at 54.

Was no money put into it? Did the mob do something? I’m wracking my brain going through the lists of things that could happen to a record in the history of this shady business.

The weird thing is the exact same scenario happened to Nick Jonas’s solo album in 2021. After appearing on “Saturday Night Live,” Nick’s album was released, and died.

Now the same thing has happened with “The Album.”

Talk about Stranger Things! It’s not like the Jonas trio isn’t popular. Wherever they go, girls scream. They’ve sold out two nights at Yankee Stadium in August. That’s around 80,000 seats. Is it possible none of those fans bought the new album, or even liked one new song?

It’s a mystery, but it definitely can be solved. If anyone knows what’s going on, please email me at showbiz411@gmail.com.

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