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The final episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” dropped last night. It was the perfect ending to a great season. This is the Best Comedy of 2023, without a doubt.

The series hit every high note in Season Four, ending with a gracenote of Elvis Costello’s song, “Girl Talk,” recorded by Tegan and Sara (orignally made classic by Dave Edmunds). I watched the finale weeks ago, and when the Costello song came up at the very end I contacted the famed rock star to see what he thought about it. He didn’t even know the show had commissioned a new version! (Hear the new one at the bottom here.)

On Instagram today, Rachel Brosnahan bids good bye to the show that has has made her a star. Now she’s on Broadway, and she’s lining up movie roles left and right. Alex Borstein has a comedy special out. All the “Maisel” actors will keep working, but they will always be identified with this truly Marvelous show.

PS The biggest “Mrs. Maisel” Emmy would be for directing. Each episode is a work of art. The choreography, costumes, production, and execution are way beyond most movies, forget about TV!

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