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CNN is desperate. They don’t know what to do. Not one of their metered shows scores scores more than 550,000 viewers per segment.

This means everyone from Anderson Cooper to Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, all the news shows. The average on Tuesday night was less than 500,000.

Meantime, MSNBC is doing three times that number. So is Fox News, despite being hobbled.

CNN has already invited wrath from its viewers by having a Town Hall with Donald Trump. It was disgraceful, but it brought in 3 million people.

So now what? More broadcasting of lies in town halls with Mike Pence first, then Nikki Haley. Connor Roy might be next!

And while Dana Bash and Jake Tapper are like Cronkite and Murrow compared to Kaitlan Collins. the network chiefs are watching them to make sure the Republican agenda is sold. It’s shameful.

Will the Fox News audience come back for these events? Or will CNN lose more of their core audience? And will they care? (I don’t think so, it’s just 500,000 people.)

Who will be the first anchor or reporter to say “no” and just exit this mess? Integrity is never popular in TV.

You’ll notice Chris Wallace is staying away from this stuff. He’s learned his lessons the hard way.

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