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What is up with linear ratings on the HBO home channel for “Succession”?

It’s the most talked about show on television. But the story of the infighting Roy family can’t get more than 780,000 viewers on the channel.

On streaming, (HBO) Max claims around 1 million more. But they’re not showing themselves on the cable box.

“Succession” is better than Emmys. It’s sublime. I know this Sunday’s show will be a blowout.

Meantime, the finale is so hot HBO didnt send out press screeners this week. We’re all going to watch the end together. And start screaming it wasn’t the way we imagined it.

What if cousin Greg gets the company? What if it’s someone we never thought of at all? It’s a 90 minute episode, too. There could be time jumps or flash forwards.

Stay tuned…

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