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The producers of Ate de Jong’s new film, “Heart Strings,” today announced the appointment of Los Angeles/Rome-based House of Film as the global sales representatives of their new movie; a provocative romantic intrigue set in the high stakes world of American reality television.

Said the film’s co-producer/co-writer Steven Gaydos, “House of Film is known for repping quality
films well suited for the international market. Their enthusiasm for an ambitious, original
American indie film means ‘Heart Strings’ is in the right hands.”

House of Film chief executive, Ava B explained the global sales firm’s zeal for “Heart Strings:”
“Our hearts were instantly captured by the leads’ stellar performances, literally love at first sight!
As we continued into the journey of the story we found a narrative which is absolutely current,
has depth and weight and is beautifully nuanced. We believe in love and we believe in Heart

he script for “Heart Strings,” is inspired by true events in the often cut-throat and controversial
world of reality TV production, especially the music competition sector as reported in Variety,
where producer-writer Gaydos serves as Executive Editor and Exec VP of Global Content.
“Heart Strings” was entirely shot on location in Louisville, Kentucky and is currently finishing
post-production at Lipsync Studios in London.

The film’s theme song, “Americana,” co-penned by the film’s star, Sam Varga and Nashville
recording artist Kalie Shorr, was recently recorded for the film by country superstars The
Bellamy Brothers. Internationally revered, the still actively touring duo are Grammy nominated
as well as recipients of multiple ACM and CMA award nominations. Their global hit song, “Let
Your Love Flow” was named by BMI as one of the most played songs of the 20th century.

Varga along with co-stars AJ Haynes of the Seratones, Louisville-based vocalists Carly Johnson
and Sylvia Walters as well as Louisiana-based Latinx singer Michelle Malentina completed the
production of the film’s closing theme song, “You’re All Americana.” The recording is co-
produced by Varga and Adam Engelhardt of Sony Publishing Studio, in Nashville, Tennessee.

And finally, in additional music news for “Heart Strings,” award-winning Hollywood composer
Randy Edelman has signed on to score the picture. Edelman’s credits include Michael Mann’s
acclaimed period epic “Last of the Mohicans” and dozens of other Hollywood studio
blockbusters such as “While You Were Sleeping,” “The Mask,” and Oscar-winner “My Cousin
Vinny.” Edelman is the recipient of a dozen BMI film and TV Awards, including the Lifetime
Achievement kudo from that org.

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