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Tucker Carlson’s been gone a while now. His chair has been filled by a bunch of replacements, some known and some very anonymous.

On Friday night the miscellaneous show at 9pm actually beat the preceding Sean Hannity hour.

Hannity, whose numbers got up to 1.9 million during the week, fell to 1.3 million on Friday night. This seems to be a trend for Hannity Fridays. Maybe all his viewers go out to dinner once a week.

Hannity’s number fell by 600,000 on Friday to 1.3 million.

The word is that Fox News, currently down by more than a million viewers per show per night, is thinking of making changes. They might move Hannity to 8pm, and fill the 9pm hour with jackass Jesse Watters. The once hot network is suffering from the fallout of the $787 million loss to Dominion Voting and the realization, maybe, for its viewers, that it lies to them all the time.

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