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Martin Scorsese and his crew are getting high praise from the former chief of the Osage nation for “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

The exciting, sensational film debuted last night at the Cannes Film Festival to a rapturous audience. Coming from Apple/Paramount, “Flower Moon” will receive a dozen or more Oscar nominations next January after its Fall 2023 release.

Jim Gray is the former chief, and the direct descendant of Henry Roan, who was among those murdered in real life in the 1920s in Fairfax, Oklahoma.

He wrote in part on Twitter last night at @jimgraytweetz:

“My connection to this story is from multiple perspectives 1) being a direct descendent and namesake to Henry Roan (James Roan) is one reason me and my siblings were allowed to see it in advance. His murder in this film led the FBI to charge Hale for ordering his murder.

As the former Principal Chief of the Osage Nation, (2002-2010) I had legitimate concerns that the movie industry might miss the point of the story beyond the violence, and I was fairly outspoken about it when the bidding war for the movie was going on in 2017.

The Chief appointed representatives to consult with the filmmakers and offered up the reservation to shoot the film on location, use our language speakers, hire our folks in front and behind the camera. Cultural consultants we’re brought to bring the Osage way of life to the film.

How was the movie? It was excellent. Scorsese even captured some of our humor. The performances across the board were Oscar worthy, I mean it. I’ve never seen a movie like this before. No White Savior, nothing needed to be made up. The violence is real and the music of the Osage language was beautifully spoken by all of the actors especially the non-Osage actors. At some point I stopped worrying about the subtitles. But the ending. Oh man, you will not forget the ending. But you’re going to have to see the film for that. My lips are sealed.”

I’m impressed but not surprised that Scorsese and his producers have covered all bases with the Osage nation. Nothing will stop this film!

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