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Music sales are fickle and so are the fans. You have to keep releasing music once you have a hit. You can’t wait four years in between pop albums.

The Jonas Brothers discovered that this. Four years ago they released “Happiness Begins” and sold 400,000 in the first week. The album went on to do 1.1 million total.

Today they released the apathetically titled album called “The Album.” It sold 50,000 copies, At least 87% of their audience has evaporated. The singles from “The Album” have all been duds. Who in their right mind writes a song called “Waffle House:? The album is at number 25. It’s dead.

It’s not like the Jonas Brothers aren’t seen everywhere. They do a lot of TV. But their songs this time were meh. The Album is a non title for an album. It reeks of “We don’t care or know what we’re doing.” There’s no marketing or though to what’s happening.

The brothers appeared on “Saturday Night Live” recently. That didn’t help. The same thing happened in 2021 when Nick Jonas released his last solo album. After “Happiness Begins” was such a hit, Nick should have benefited from it. But again, the material and marketing were substandard. And the whole failed miserably.

The Jonases need new, smart management if they want to stay in the recording game. Otherwise, they can just retreat to Las Vegas and make a bundle on residencies. But they seem young for that. So why not cut your losses and move on?

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