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EXCLUSIVE Harrison Ford is one of our last great movie stars.

Even though “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” got tepid applause last in Cannes, Ford got ovations. Everyone loves him and he still has “it.” He and wife Calista Flockhart, who was there by his side and lovely as ever, were the main attractions all night, even at a swanky party later at the Hotel Carlton Beach Club.

I told Ford that the press had received pickle ball sets from Apple for his “Shrinking” series. He lit up when I told him I was a fan. “It’s great, isn’t it?” he said. When I mentioned among others “Witness” and “Presumed Innocent” as two of my favorites of his, he replied: “They”re all my favorites.”

Flockhart and I talked about her desire to play Betty Ford in a biopic. She’d be perfect. I’ve known her a long time now, and every time we talk she’s dynamic, funny, and interesting. I asked how she liked Indiana Jones being de-aged in the movie. “The funny thing,” she said, “is that he looks younger than all his sons now!”

Also at the party: Disney chief Bob Iger flew in and was huddled in conversation with Karlie Kloss. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who stars with Ford in the film, was there with significant other playwright director Martin McDonagh (Banshees of Inisherin), who– when I asked what he was up to — said, “I’m done! I’m on vacation!” So all our fingers are safe. Co-star Mads Mikkelsen was just groovin’ knowing he’s in a big hit.

Not there: the surprise actor who appears at the end of the film. I told you about his months ago. But I won’t spoil the fun.

UPDATE: There are 8 filed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes from the few critics allowed in last night’s screening. So far the score is 50% and Rotten. Three of the four negativos come from Variety. The Hollywood Reporter, and Vanity Fair. None of the reviews mention director James Mangold’s really fine movies like “Copland” and “Walk the Line.” They just don’t think he was right for this movie.

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