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The whole structure of cable news in prime time is changing.

You may have read that last week, CNN was beaten by Newsmax. After the debacle of the Trump town hall, half its audience exited. We don’t know if they’re coming back.

It’s not like Newsmax has such hot ratings. It’s just that CNN has collapsed.

Meantime, on Friday, Kayleigh McEnany’s Fox show at 8pm bottom out at 1.3 million. She dragged down Hannity at 9, who fell 300,000 viewers from Wednesday and Thursday, to 1.6 million. The moronic Jesse Watters at 7 also had 1.6 million.

Fox viewers are confused by Tucker Carlson’s ouster and the Dominion Voting scandal. They don’t know what to do. If they want real news on cable, they’ll have to get a jolt on MSNBC.

It’s getting interesting out there.

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