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Hollywood giveth and taketh away.

Just a short time ago, Ben Affleck directed “Air” — now on Amazon Prime — and drew raves. The film has made over $50 million in theaters, it’s a big hit on the streaming platform, and should win some Oscars. It was all good.

But this weekend, Affleck stars in Robert Rodriguez’s “Hypnotic.” It’s a bomb. Weekend take is predicted as $2.5 million, maybe, if the universe is kind. Not only does “Hypnotic” have a miserable 39% on Rotten Tomatoes among critics, it has an even more alarming 56% audience rating.

In other words, no one wants to see it, and no one will see it.

Rodriguez has never been a critical hit, but his “Spy Kids” movies were hits, and he’s been prolific to say the least. But this one did not work out.

Affleck can shrug it off. He has “Air,” and plenty more to come.

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