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Three million people watched Donald Trump rape CNN last night in a media travesty no one will forget.

The number doubles or triples CNN’s very best numbers on any given night. Why so many people? It’s called rubbernecking. It’s what people do when there’s an accident going the opposite way on the parkway. Everyone slows down to look at the accident, then pull away.

CNN’s Chris Licht will take the three million as a sign that he snagged the Fox audience. But what he really attracted was a group of hate-watchers who were already aligned to CNN. They will not return for more of this. Fox viewers didn’t come, trust me. And if they did, it was one night only.

I, along with many CNN holdouts, will now move over to MSNBC in disgust. And if Kaitlan Collins gets CNN’s 9pm slot, the network will get what it deserves.

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