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It hasn’t been a great week for Kayleigh McEnany.

Donald Trump’s former press liar has been hosting the 8pm slot on Fox News where Tucker Carlson used to peddle his conspiracy theories and fabrications.

On Monday, Kayleigh had a very low 1.55 million viewers, which was 50% off Carlson’s old top numbers.

Last night, while Trump was bloviating and spewing pure fiction on CNN, Kayleigh dropped to 1.349 million. She was down 50,000 viewers from Tuesday. I’m amazed anyone watched her at all since the CNN circus brought in 3 million.

CNN got what they wanted, which was Fox News viewers. But in the long run that may not serve them well. All day long on social media people have said they’re exiting CNN to watch MSNBC, myself included. I will not relive 2016 when CNN gave Trump such a large presence he was able to grab the electoral vote.

Will you?

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