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There will endless talk about what happened tonight.

CNN, now way behind Fox News and MSNBC, gave him a forum and put the overmatched Kaitlan Collins in the moderator’s seat. They put uneducated hicks from New Hampshire in the audience. The result was a mess.

Collins could not control Trump, and it was painful to watch. He talked and talked and talked, bloviating, lying, patting himself on the back. No one offered a rebuke to any of his idiocy. This was two days after the former president became the first to be found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation. He called Nancy Pelosi “crazy” at least twice. He slagged Joe Biden and promoted Vladimir Putin.

Prior to the town hall, CNN offered a bunch for former Trump cronies who have never appeared on the network before. This was a blatant attempt by CNN to grab the Fox News audience. It was a mistake. This will turn whoever was with CNN against the networks. I can’t imagine what Wolf Blitzer was thinking when he had to talk these ignoramuses.

What this audience should do, by the way, is mobilize Democrats. You are seeing the Trump base. They’re a cult,. and the make bricks look like Albert Einstein.

Collins is said to have been offered a prime time slot by CNN. Ha ha. Just try it. I hope the other anchors have saved their money. They should just leave. This was disgraceful.

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