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The schedule for Cannes 2023 is here, and it’s very exciting.

The Festival has bricked in Saturday night, May 20th, with Martin Scorsese’s three hour “Killers of the Flower Moon,” followed by Todd Haynes’s “May December.” It’s basically a six hour evening.

There’s an hour in between for a croque monsieur and a splash of wine.

On the 22nd, HBO is screening Sam Levinson’s “The Idol,” starring The Weeknd, at 10:30pm. It’s late, but at least it’s actually on the weekend.

And there’s Steve McQueen’s “Occupied City.” This may be known as 12 Years a Documentary. It’s over four hours long. “Occupied City” won’t be uninteresting. It’s about the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam during World World II– you know, what was going on outside while Anne Frank, her family, and friends were inside. It sounds more like a four hour series, a la McQueen’s “Small Axe,” which really comprised five films including the magnificent “Mangrove.”

It’s unclear if there’s an intermission, or snack and bathroom time. Pillows are optional.

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