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Kevin Costner won’t come back.

Matt Belloni reports on Puck.com that Costner still hasn’t agreed to return to finish “Yellowstone” and won’t commit to a work schedule.

Costner, Belloni says, wants to make sure his character, John Dutton, doesn’t get a violent send off like Patrick Dempsey did on “Grey’s Anatomy” when Shonda Rhimes t boned his Jeep.

What does Costner want? A tribute dinner for Dutton, and then he jumps to save children from a speeding train? He’s going to be shot like JR Ewing in “Dallas,” but he won’t survive.

The wolves are dancing around Costner now. At this point, his death could be off screen or with a double. A lot of people’s livelihoods are involved. Time to get over it, and move on.

Anyway, the Writers Strike means season 5.2 won’t be filming soon. I don’t think Taylor Sheridan can meet his deadlines announced ten days ago even if all scripts were completed — which isn’t likely.

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