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It’s a jumbled time at the box office.

“Guardians of the Galaxy 3” opens $30 million lower than its predecessor. The total was $114, but the total was $146.5 million. So you get the idea. A good idea has been stretched thin. Also, six years is a long time to see if Goot has learned any words. Chris Pratt also wears thin. Now that this trilogy and “Jurassic World” are apparently over we’ll see what happens next. (He’s loaded, so no worries.)

Otherwise good news and bad news: “Beau is Afraid” is ready to wrap its run at $6.8 million. Lucky for Joaquin Phoenix he has the “Joker” movies, plus some great stuff with recent indies like “C’mon C’mon” and “Her.”

More good news: Ben Affleck’s “AIR” hit $50 million a week before it goes to Amazon Prime. Affleck’s next release, “Hypnotic,” may not be so lucky.

“Super Mario Brothers” crossed the $500 million mark this weekend. If only “Beau is Afraid” had had a scene with Mario and Luigi, life would have been so different!

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