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In 2010, Taylor Swift was still Taylor Swift. She wrote her own songs and had a regular very good record producer and wrote all the songs herself, no famous collaborators. This was the uncorrupted Swift. Her next album, “Red,” would have a half dozen producers and A list songwriters like Max Martin and Shellback.

Now, Taylor will release the re-recorded version of “Speak Now” in July. It has about 15 songs, including her famous break up song about John Mayer, called “Dear John.” It’s all produced by Nathan Chambers, who won a Grammy for another Swift album. No Jack Antonoff, no boyfriend writing lyrics, no outside group. It’s unclear if Chambers produced the new version but it will have six unreleased tracks.

Swift is on a huge, sold out tour and already put out a new album this year. When does she find time to re-re-record her entire catalog? She’s busier than everyone in the music biz!

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