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No real spoilers here, I promise.

Episode 7 of Season 4 means there are only three installments left. So now the tide is turning, and pretty damn fast. A lot of things are clarified, and there are enough surprises at a pre-election party at Shiv and Tom’s triplex that we may to watch this one a few times.

There are a couple of startling confrontations that will have just huge impact on the next three outings. If you’ve noticed, in this season now with Logan gone, people are being much more viciously candid than ever. We are watching several duels at once, like tennis matches with swords, and the cuts are getting deeper and deeper.

Now that Kieran Culkin jumped into the Emmy game as a lead and not supporting — in direct contest with Jeremy Strong — Matthew MacFadyen has jumped into the lead supporting actor in drama. Tom and Shiv go somewhere on Sunday that George and Martha from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” could not imagine. Edward Albee’s emotionally ruthless characters would leave the room in tears, folks.

Who’s not at the big party, by the way? Sandi and Stewie, maybe because actor Arian Moyad was already rehearsing “A Doll’s House” on Broadway. (And Hope Davis is always busy.) Also missing: David Rasche (Karl must be exhausted after the last few episodes.) There’s only scene with Gerri that, of course, J. Smith-Cameron nails to the floor. A character from Seasons 1 and 2 returns. Kendall’s wife also returns and mention is made of his children.

Who is at the party? Lukas Mattson, whose whole world is being peeled like an onion.

Get out the scotch or whatever calms your nerves.

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