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Sean Hannity hit rock bottom in the ratings on Friday.

Total viewers were just 1.3 million. That’s Hannity’s lowest rating ever.

On the night before, Thursday, he was still up around 1.8 million. On the prior night, he was at 1.7 million.

But just two weeks ago, Hannity had 2.7 million viewers on April 13th. His fans have literally run away in droves.

It’s not helping that Hannity’s lead in now is not the fired Tucker Carlson but a miscellaneous show that has also dropped. The 8pm slot is getting no numbers. But if Hannity was so dependent on Carlson’s numbers, what does that say for him anyway?

Fox viewers are obviously missing Carlson because they were used to him. But also maybe they’re actually trying to find real news and not fake news. Most of the time, Fox News avoids anything positive about President Biden, his successes, or anything negative about Trump, DeSantis, or even Fox News itself.

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